CMS Connection




This tool will help the website host to add, remove, and change text,
graphics content and any other element that needs immediate and
simple formats for change.
Using a password and username the webhost is able to access the
CMS to make the administration changes in an easy and quick
fashion. This is expected to be done on a timely and periodic basis as
the information featured needs to be updated to give the visitor new
or value added visits each time.
The CMS uses the easy administrative style that allows almost anyone
who has a website to easily manipulate its contents without having
any technical detailed knowledge on how the said contents is stored
in the database or retrieved content.
This is because all the information that the viewer to the site is privy
to comes from the database which the CMS assists in tracking both in
the text and in the graphics displays chosen.
As all this information is stored electronically the webhost does not
really have to worry about the various exercises that this storage
process requires in terms of managing it. This tool is definitely an
advantage to have especially if the webhost is not very internet savvy
and does not have the time to explore all the ins and outs of the
internet tools available.


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