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Given the track record of Google and the amount of resources that they can allocate to any new project that they become actively involved in, it does not take a rocket scientist to work out that whatever projects Google choose to put their weight behind will inevitably become a big thing on the net.
It therefore follows that if you are an internet marketer or conduct any of your business online, you should also be taking a good, long look at the same things that Google is looking at right at this moment.
It bears repeating that PPC advertising has been phenomenally successful over the last five years or so, but you should also understand that the PPC advertising model is not without its flaws.
In fact, PPC advertising was first launched onto the World Wide Web back in the dot-com days of the 1990s. However, most of the major players of the time decided to pull their PPC programs from the market pretty quickly because of the problems that they had with them.
And, perhaps most surprisingly, the same problems that plagued them back then are pretty much the same ones that are still with us today.
The primary flaw that was evident back in the ‘90s that is still with us today is that of click fraud.
This takes many different (and increasingly sophisticated forms) but here is a very simple click fraud example.
Because AdSense is largely computer managed, it is relatively easy for a less than honest Webmaster to set up websites for no other purpose than the delivery of AdWords ads. He or she then creates their own artificially generated traffic by using what are known as ‘hitbots’ (computer generated hits) on their ads.
They get paid each time ‘someone’ hits their ads and so this can be an extremely lucrative operation, one which costs them very little in terms of either money or time. Now, of course, this is a very simplistic view of how click fraud works, and equally obviously, the large PPC networks like Google, Yahoo and MSN have sophisticated systems in place to detect such attempts to defraud them and their advertisers. Unfortunately, it is usually the case that the fraudsters are one or two steps ahead of the fraud detectives, and therefore this is a continuing and increasingly problematical situation.


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