Email Marketing Mogul




This form of communication is ideally meant to build some level of
trust, loyalty and brand awareness. The email marketing exercise can
be done through a cold list or form a current customer database thus
the range of the target audience can be almost infinite.
This internet marketing through the email platform is also meant to
create other idea scenarios.
These may include the sending of email messages with the specific
intention of facilitating the avenue of building a relationship between
the merchant with its available customer base while at the same time
tapping into the previous and possible future customer bases.
This is done primarily to foster better ties so that these emails can
eventually function as a way to acquire new customers or convince
existing customers to make an immediate purchase.
Some may even use the email tool to send messages to their
customers regarding beneficial and supportive things available at
other companies or sites for purchase which they perceive to be
helpful to the customer.


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