Google Plus Exposed



Google started the Google +/+1 project in beta. They originally intended to run
experiments with this project with just a handful of interested users. Google was
overwhelmed, however, with the high level of interest among business owners and
other online users. This is because so many people understand that Google offers the
highest quality products. Everybody wants to have what Google offers.
Google has taken over the industry of online network marketing. Until now,
successful online marketers had several accounts with various different web
companies, and each account served a different purpose. Twitter for short updates,
Facebook for attracting customers and friendly banter, LinkedIn for networking with
business associates, not to mention the numerous bookmarking sites on which every
successful business must be seen.
Thankfully, those days are over. The most powerful online company, the creators of
the Google search engine, has put together one complete package that businesses
use to network, to drive traffic, and to be noticed by search engines via bookmarking
This eBook will teach you how use Google +/+1 to your best advantage. You will
learn how to raise your search engine rankings, drive more traffic to your website
and make more money.
There are many tools in Google +/+ that are designed to help you maximize your
business efforts on the Internet. This eBook takes you through the simple steps of
configuring your Google +/+ account with easy to follow screenshots. Google makes
it easy to synchronize your information and create your own online office that is
comfortable to use.


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