Internet Marketing Kickstart



The  Internet  is  a  great  place  to  do  business,  whether  you’re  a  retailer   selling  a  particular  line  of  products  or  a  service  provider  making  your   living  on  the  Internet.  There  is,  however,  one  age-­‐old  problem  with   business  that  never  seems  to  go  away:  people  won’t  buy  what  they   don’t  know  about.   This  is  where  Internet  marketing  comes  in.     Internet  marketing  basically  involves  using  various  tools  and  services   to  let  your  business  reach  a  wider  base  of  potential  customers.  Good   Internet  marketing  will  bring  in  a  significant  number  of  clients,  keep   them  interested  and  then  make  more  than  happy  to  purchase  more   of  your  products.   A  not-­‐so-­‐good  Internet  marketing  program,  however,  will  be  a   complete  waste  of  time  and  money.  In  the  worst  case  scenario,  you   could  even  end  up  doing  more  harm  than  good  to  your  business  if   the  marketing  strategy  is  poorly  thought  out.     Strangely  enough,  most  people  actually  fail  in  their  Internet   marketing  strategies  not  because  they  lack  the  knowledge  or  the   technical  capabilities  to  make  good  use  of  Internet  Marketing.  SEO,   HTML,  opt-­‐in  lists,  landing  pages  –  all  of  this  will  not  matter  if  the   would-­‐be  marketer  does  not  know  how  to  actually  succeed  with  the   tools  at  his  or  her  disposal.     Let  me  be  clear:  this  book  is  not  a  technical  manual  on  the  finer   points  of  Internet  marketing.  No  tutorials,  no  tests,  no  benchmarks.   This  book  aims  to  supplement  your  technical  know-­‐how  and  give  you


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