Max Impact Email Marketing




Providing the customer base with complimenting information from
other affiliates is also beneficial for the customer.
Through the email marketing strategies, information taking the form
of email newsletters can be both informative and relationship
building as the customer will be kept well informed while at the same
time addressing the customers’ needs.
Transactional emails are also helpful in providing the means for the
customer to respond accordingly to the merchant, such as dropped
basket messages, purchases, order confirmations and many more.
The direct emails are mainly used for the purpose of informing
customers of current promotions, announcements, momentary
special services available among others.
Most individuals using this tool have found it to be very helpful in
tracking the returns on investments and its often only second best to
search marketing.
Being able to reach a wider audience base is also another positive
attribute of this emailing tool. Countering these, are also
disadvantages which contribute to the ineffectiveness of the whole
process. This includes the ability of the customers being able to block
mails and also the possibility of contravening spam laws.


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