Opt-in Secrets




If the money is in the list, then the magic is in the squeeze page.
When people land on your squeeze page, there are a few important
components that work together to either pull in visitors, or turn them away.
The first of which is your headline, bullet points and overall design.
But there’s another incredibly important component that works towards
engaging your visitors and enticing them into becoming confirmed
subscribers, and for many new email marketers it’s ultimately one of the
things they tend to overlook.
Of course, we’re talking about your incentive offer!
Otherwise referred to as a “opt in bribe”, this offer needs to instantly appeal
to those visiting your page.
“You are basically exchanging information – your visitor gives you their
name and email address becoming a subscriber of your newsletter, and in
turn, they receive a free offer of some kind.”, Kate Anderson from
Mainstream Ventures says. “You need to make sure your incentive offer is
valuable enough to essentially “buy” their information”


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