Powerful ‘Offline Marketing’ In The Internet Age



In February 2006, John Ritskowitz hosted a
teleseminar with Michel Fortin, David Garfinkel, Yanik Silver, and JP
Maroney. Entitled “Million Dollar Roundtable,” it was a chance for these
marketing pros to share some of their best secrets for marketing
offline, which is something more online Marketers should be doing.
Ideally we should all be marketing both offline and online.
Well these folks delivered the goods, and while the call lasted about 2
hours, it still wasn’t enough time to get to everything (it never is,
right?). So John compiled some of the ideas they talked about on the
call, plus lots more ideas to cover the offline marketing spectrum.
Some of these ideas are more traditional, such as yellow pages
advertising and classified ads. Of course that doesn’t mean they
should be neglected.
Other ideas are traditional, but not used as much, or I should say not
always used as effectively as they could. Direct response marketing
and publicity are two that come to mind.
And then there are really creative ideas that are often overlooked,
such as valuable joint ventures and strategic alliances. Some of these
ideas have the potential to really deliver a lot of leads and sales
with minimal traditional “work.”


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