The Complete Cash Lovers Guide to Blog Marketing




ethical) to get my hands on piles of cash. It was my love of the green stuff that got me interested in blogs. While everyone I knew was writing in a blog to tell the world about their girlfriends, or boyfriends, or to express their political discontent, I was starting a blog to see how much cash I could create while investing a minimum amount of my own money and time.
Starting a blog as a means of creating cash made perfect sense to me. After all, blogs are super easy and cheap to create, easy to customize, cheap and easy to maintain, cheap to promote, and can easily become traffic magnets because they contain quality content updated regularly by the owner.
What is quality content?
Quality content is any content that does not exist anywhere else on the web and actually provides valuable information to the reader. The more meaningful and unique the content to the reader the more traffic you will receive. If you can keep the Search Engines and your human readers happy, you will do very well in this business.
What You Can Expect Out Of This Book
Over the years I have read hundreds of information products about earning money on the Internet. I still purchase and read information products on a regular basis because I am always curious to see how I can make more money online.
The problem I have with a lot of “make money on the Internet” kind of information products is that many of them bombard you with information and ideas but don’t really put it all together in a way that you can take action on. Instead they leave you to sift through all of the information they provide you with. For most people who read these kind of information products the result is “information overload” and you consequently get so carried away reading and thinking about what is you should do that you are unable to take action and eventually just give up and move on to something else.
I have tried to make this ebook just a little bit different.


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