The Secrets to High Profit Websites



Chapter One: The Income Streams
Before you actually start creating your website, you need to decide what income streams you would like to take advantage of. What is an income stream? It is simply a way of generating money. And when it comes to websites, there is no limit to the number of income streams you can have. In fact, the more income streams you can make available on your site the better. For this reason this chapter will present for you an extensive list of the most popular income streams used by the Internet gurus. As you read through this list take note of the income streams that interest you. Then when you are ready, move to Chapter Two, where you can learn how to create a website advertising your selected income streams.
1. Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is when you promote another company’s website in return for a commission. This commission can be generated in a number of ways, though the most common is when a sale or lead is actually made from your advertising methods. Less popular ways of getting commission could be based on if a company’s URL has received a click, or if their ads received impressions, (which are simply the number of times an ad has been viewed). Either way, promotional methods would be the same regardless of how commission is generated. This means you would either advertise the URL directly or use the URL within a banner. In both cases the URL would contain special coding that would trace back to your affiliate account. This is done so you can be properly credited if your visitors take the actions that a company desires.
Most of the major companies on the Internet are using affiliate marketing. However, they do not necessarily advertise their affiliate opportunities blatantly. Most of the time you’ll have to scroll down to the bottom of the site, where you’ll find in smaller font ‘Affiliate Program,’ ‘Affiliates’ or similar wording. For example, take a look at the screenshot below of the bottom portion of the site


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