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It is sometimes hard to remember or believe that the internet didn’t exist as recently as thirty years ago and that because of the rate of online change, what we now know as the net is very, very different to the way it was back then.
It’s therefore quite an oddity that the net as it is now far closer to the original concept that the man who is widely credited with inventing the World Wide Web (Tim Berners-Lee) had back in the late eighties. He anticipated that the net would be a place where people all over the world would be able to interact with one another.
Whilst this has not been the case for much of the history of the net, it is beginning to be far more so nowadays, particularly with the explosion in what are known as Web 2.0 resources over the past few years.
And yet, some things about the net have never changed, and most probably never will be. Amongst these non-changing aspects of the web, perhaps the most important and inalterable is the fact that without visitors to your website, your site might as well not exist!
This is doubly true if you have a site or a blog designed to generate an online income because without visitors, there is no way that your site is ever going to be capable of doing so.
It is no exaggeration to suggest that drawing visitors (commonly referred to as site or blog traffic) to your site is probably more important than any other single aspect of running your online business.


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